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Business Tax Ready

Business Tax Ready in Bangladesh

At Lacsb - Legal And Consultancy Services Bangladesh, we offer specialized Business Tax-ready services in Bangladesh. Our expert legal team will help you navigate complex income tax laws and regulations, ensuring that you fulfil your tax obligations and maximize your tax savings. Contact us at 01308 383 801, and let our experienced professionals handle your tax return needs online and nationally.

Services Overview:

Our business tax-ready services in Bangladesh include:

1. Tax planning and advisory for businesses
2. Preparation and filing of corporate income tax returns
3. Handling withholding tax, value-added tax (VAT), and other tax payments
4. Compliance with tax laws and regulations
5. Representation before tax authorities for assessments, appeals, and audits


Some benefits of our tax return services for company directors and shareholders include:

1. Expertise: Our experienced legal team helps you navigate the complex tax landscape in Bangladesh, ensuring your business remains compliant and up-to-date with the latest regulations.

2. Tax Savings: We identify tax-saving opportunities and develop tax strategies tailored to your business, helping minimize your tax liabilities

3. Time Savings: We handle the entire tax return process, freeing up your time to focus on managing and growing your business.

4. Peace of Mind: Our team stays up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations, ensuring that your tax returns are filed accurately and on time.

5. Online Legal Services: Our strength lies in providing online legal services, ensuring efficient and reliable support for businesses operating nationally.


Scenarios and Examples:

Scenario 1: A Dhaka-based startup requires assistance with tax planning and compliance. Our legal team provides expert advice on the applicable tax rates, filing deadlines, and strategies to minimize tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with the relevant tax laws.

Scenario 2: A manufacturing company operating in Bangladesh needs support with the preparation and filing of its corporate income tax return. Our legal team gathers the necessary financial information, calculates the tax liability, and files the return before the income tax return filing due date.


Legal Process:

The legal process involved in our business tax-ready services includes:


1. Tax Planning: Identifying tax-saving opportunities and developing tax strategies tailored to your business.
2. Tax Return Preparation: Gathering the necessary financial documents, calculating your tax liability, and preparing your corporate income tax return.
3. Tax Return Filing: Submit your corporate income tax return to the National Board of Revenue (NBR) before the income tax return filing due date.
4. Tax Payments: Ensuring that withholding tax, VAT, and other tax payments are made on time and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.
5. Tax Compliance: Maintaining accurate records and documentation to support your tax filings and remaining compliant with tax laws and regulations.


Pricing and Fees:

Our pricing structure for business tax-ready services is competitive and tailored to your specific needs. Government fees associated with the service include corporate income tax payment and any applicable penalties for late filing or non-compliance. Contact us at 01308 383 801 for a detailed quote based on your requirements.

Our legal firm Lacsb, with its team of experienced tax lawyers in Dhaka, offers expert guidance and assistance in business tax-ready services for companies operating in Bangladesh. We help you fulfil your tax obligations, maximize tax savings, and maintain compliance with tax laws and regulations. Contact us today at 01308 383 801, and let our experienced legal team handle your business tax needs through our efficient online legal services.

Frequently asked questions about our Business Tax Ready services
1. When is the income tax return filing due date for businesses in Bangladesh?

The income tax return filing due date for businesses in Bangladesh generally falls on the 15th day of the 7th month following the end of the income year. However, this date may vary depending on your business type and tax assessment year. 

4. Can Lacsb represent me before tax authorities in Bangladesh?

Yes, our legal team can represent you before tax authorities for assessments, appeals, and audits, ensuring that your interests are protected and that any issues are resolved efficiently.

2. What is the corporate income tax rate in Bangladesh?

The corporate income tax rate in Bangladesh varies depending on the type of business and its location. The standard rate for non-publicly traded companies is 32.5%, while the rate for publicly traded companies is 25%.

5. What is the difference between VAT and corporate income tax?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is an indirect tax imposed on the sale of goods and services, while corporate income tax is a direct tax levied on a company's profits. Our legal team can help you manage both types of taxes and ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

3. How can Lacsb help  my business stay tax ready?

Our experienced legal team can provide expert tax planning and advisory services, prepare and file your income tax return, handle withholding tax and other tax payments, and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

6. How do I get started with your business tax-ready services?

To get started, simply call us at 01971-333-491 or send us an email at Our team will discuss your specific needs and guide you through the entire business tax ready process. We serve online and clients nationally.

Got a question about a legal matter or business requirements? Simply call us and find out more about how we can help you. 

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