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Fahmida Chowdhury

Marketing Consultant

Fahmida Chowdhury, a seasoned marketing expert, brings a wealth of experience to her role at LACSB. With a distinguished background as Deputy Manager at BRAC and Assistant Manager at Rancon Real Estate Division, Fahmida has honed her skills in campaign planning, content development, and PR management. Her mastery extends to both digital and above-the-line marketing, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach.

Known for her innovation, Fahmida has consistently driven sustainable business growth through breakthrough ideas. Her strategic insight and ability to tap into consumer psychology have led to enhanced brand recall and recognition. Her metrics-driven approach yields outstanding ROI across various platforms, and her strong partnership skills enable fruitful collaborations with creative partners, media houses, and lifestyle brands.

Fahmida's financial acumen is evident in her budget planning, campaign budgeting, and marketing cost tracking. She's adept at merchandising, successfully engaging high-value clients and stakeholders with innovative branded gifts and souvenirs. Her achievements include pioneering strategies for Green Fencing, digital lead forms, and official website launches, earning her recognition as an "Enabler" at Rancon Real Estate Division.

Fahmida's expertise is complemented by her academic achievements, including BBA and A-Level qualifications. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with a results-focused approach, make her an invaluable asset to the LACSB team. Stay connected with her on LinkedIn for insights and industry updates.


Fahmida Chowdhury
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