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Mosharraf Hossain Chowdhury

Managing Director

Mosharraf Hossain has been working as a Managing Director at Lacsb. He brings an extensive experience in leadership and administrative excellence.

Previously Mosharraf Chowdhury worked as Deputy Managing Director at Baishakhi Television for 4 years. He was involved with the early stages of the satellite television channel providing structure and much-needed direction when the channel was struggling to carve its market share among many others. His guidance was crucial for the establishment of the company.

Mosharraf also worked as a Superintendent of Police for 4 years managing the biggest prison system in the world at Gajipur Dhaka. He has had a long successful career in managing prison systems all over Bangladesh since 1980. His understanding of the judicial system in Bangladesh and its interaction with the administrative and law enforcement agencies is second to none.

Mosharraf Chowdhury brings his passion for providing extraordinary administrative leadership to this law firm. Mosharraf's core values and commitment to justice as a professional very much align with this organisation's vision for excellent client engagement and pleasant client support experience.


Mosharraf Hossain Chowdhury
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