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Khadiza Akter Mili


Khadiza Akter Mili is a highly skilled legal professional specialising in Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, and Women's Rights. practising at the High Court in Dhaka, Bangladesh, she passionately advocates for justice, fighting for the rights of individuals and championing gender equality through her expertise and dedication.

Her expertise and specialisation:

  1. Criminal Law

  2. Civil Law

  3. Family Law

  4. Special Power Act

  5. Digital Security Act

  6. Drug Act

  7. Nari-o-Shishu Nirjatan Daman Law (Suppression of Violence against Women and Children Law)

Member: Dhaka Bar Association

Membership No:

Member since:

Practising Court: Dhaka High Court

Chamber address: Supreme Court Bar Association Building, Room no. 2006, Level - 2, Shahbag, Dhaka - 1000


Khadiza Akter Mili
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