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Ahmed Raisul Islam

Direrctor (Operation)

Ahmed Raisul Islam, a highly proficient and dedicated operations director, excels in strategic management and leadership. Ahmed's attention to detail and thorough understanding of labour laws have enabled him to efficiently handle disciplinary actions and in-house inquiries. His ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with legal advocates and plaintiffs in resolving disputes has established him as a respected professional in the legal domain. Through his extensive experience and unwavering commitment to fair employee management, Ahmed has proven himself as a highly regarded operations director in the legal industry. Ahmed's commitment to continuous improvement and his comprehensive understanding of leadership management practices make him a valuable asset to the company's success.

Ahmed had been working as a Senior Administrator at Jayson Group of Companies. He joined Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd. a sister concern of Jayson Group in April 2009. With his extensive experience and implementation of organisational-wide programs in organizational development, driving cultural change, overseeing management activities of large-scale pharmaceutical factory floors to industry-wide policy developments.

Ahmed brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a Director of Operations. He effectively navigates the complexities of organisation operations, ensuring the implementation of strategic initiatives and policies. As a strategic planner, he develops and executes innovative approaches to optimise operational processes and efficient performance management.


Ahmed Raisul Islam
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