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Farhana Chowdhury

Farhana Chowdhury, a highly skilled and dedicated legal professional, works with Legal & Consultancy Services Bangladesh as a leader in legal advice, professional representation, and strategic planning. After obtaining her master's degree, Farhana joined Dhaka Bar Council in 2007. Farhana practised criminal law at the Dhaka High Court, later transitioning to a corporate lawyer role in the private sector for several years.

In recent years, Farhana has been actively involved in numerous start-ups as a legal consultant, focusing on helping Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. Her comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape and passion for empowering female business owners have significantly impacted the local entrepreneurial community.

Farhana's commitment to delivering exceptional legal advice and her keen interest in supporting women entrepreneurs have made her a valuable asset to both Legal & Consultancy Services Bangladesh and the clients she serves. Her work continues to inspire and drive the success of female entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their dreams and goals.



Dhaka International University


Dhaka International University

Masters of Law

Farhana Chowdhury reached another milestone in her academic career by completing her Master of Laws degree with distinction. With a focus on human rights, Farhana delved into intricate legal research and published thought-provoking articles. Her profound understanding of complex legal matters and unwavering commitment to justice have established Farhana as an esteemed leader among her peers in the legal arena. 

Bachelor of Law with Honours

Farhana Chowdhury, an exceptional law student, completed her Bachelor of Law with Honours in 2002, showcasing unparalleled academic achievements. Farhana's dedication to human rights propelled her into groundbreaking legal research and influential case studies. Her exemplary performance and relentless advocacy for marginalized communities have since set the bar high for aspiring legal professionals.

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