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Property Settlement & Mortgage Release

Property Settlement & Mortgage Release in Bangladesh

Navigating the complex process of property settlement and mortgage release in Bangladesh can be challenging. Trust Lacsb, your local legal firm, to provide expert guidance and assistance in Dhaka and throughout the country.

Service Overview:


1. Document preparation for property settlement
2. Review and verification of required documents
3. Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements
4. Release of mortgage documentation
5. Registration of mortgage discharge
6. Coordination with financial institutions
7. Property transfer and registration


1. Expert legal advice: Get professional guidance on the property settlement and mortgage release process, ensuring compliance with Bangladesh laws.
2. Timely resolution: Avoid delays and complications by allowing our experienced team to handle the legal aspects of your property settlement and mortgage release.
3. Cost-effective: Save time and money by entrusting your case to our knowledgeable and efficient legal team.
4. Comprehensive service: Receive end-to-end support throughout the property settlement and mortgage release process.
5. Stress-free experience: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your legal matters are in the hands of experienced professionals.

Scenarios and Examples:

Scenario 1: A couple is getting divorced and needs to divide their jointly-owned property. Our legal team can help draft a property settlement agreement and manage the necessary documentation to release the mortgage on the property.
Scenario 2: An individual has paid off their mortgage and needs assistance in obtaining the release of mortgage documents from the financial institution. Our team can facilitate communication with the bank and ensure that the property is legally transferred without any issues.
Scenario 3: A property owner wants to sell their mortgaged property to a third party. Our legal experts can assist in drafting the necessary agreements, obtaining the required documents, and registering the mortgage discharge to complete the property settlement.

Legal Process:

1. Initial consultation: Understand the client's needs and assess the situation.
2. Document collection: Gather all necessary documents related to the property and mortgage.
3. Document review: Verify the authenticity and completeness of the documents.
4. Drafting agreements: Prepare the property settlement and mortgage release agreements.
5. Coordination with financial institutions: Communicate with banks or other lenders to obtain mortgage release documents.
6. Registration of mortgage discharge: Register the mortgage discharge with the relevant government office.
7. Property transfer: Finalize the property transfer and register the new ownership.

Pricing and Fees:

Legal fees: Our legal fees are based on the complexity of the case and the level of service required. We offer competitive pricing to ensure you receive the best value for our services.
Government fees: Clients are responsible for any applicable government fees, including property registration and mortgage discharge fees. These fees vary depending on the property's value and location.
Disbursements: Clients may also be responsible for any additional expenses incurred during the process, such as courier fees or charges for obtaining certain documents.

The process of property settlement and mortgage release in Bangladesh can be complex and time-consuming. With Lacsb - Legal And Consultancy Services Bangladesh, you can trust our experienced team to provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective legal services to help you navigate the process. Contact us at 01308 383 801 for a consultation and let us assist you in achieving a smooth and successful property settlement and mortgage release.

Frequently asked questions about our property settlement & mortgage release service
1. How long does the property settlement and mortgage release process take in Bangladesh?

The duration of the process depends on the complexity of the case, the availability of required documents, and the responsiveness of financial institutions. Generally, it may take several weeks to a few months to complete the process.

4. Will Lacsb handle the entire process, or will I need to be involved?

Our team will manage the majority of the process, but your involvement may be required for signing documents or attending meetings with financial institutions.

2. Can Lacsb help me if I have a mortgage with a foreign bank?

Yes, our experienced team can assist with the release of mortgages from both local and foreign banks operating in Bangladesh.

5. Is it possible to release a mortgage if the property has multiple owners?

Yes, our team can assist in releasing a mortgage on a property with multiple owners. We will help draft the necessary agreements and coordinate with all parties involved.

3. What documents do I need to provide for the property settlement and mortgage release process?

You will need to provide documents such as the property deed, mortgage agreement, proof of mortgage payments, and any other relevant documents. Our team will guide you on the specific documents required for your case.

6. Can Lacsb help me if there is a dispute over the property or the mortgage?

Yes, our legal team can provide guidance and representation in cases involving property disputes or mortgage-related issues. We can help you navigate the legal process and work towards a resolution.

Got a question about a legal matter or business requirements? Simply call us and find out more about how we can help you. 

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