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Jahanara Begum Rosy


Jahanara Begum Rosy is an accomplished advocate at Dhaka High Court, distinguished by her exceptional legal expertise and multifaceted contributions. Holding an honours degree in economics, along with LLB and LLM degrees (both awarded with first-class distinction), she embodies an impressive academic foundation.

Her legal prowess extends across diverse domains, encompassing Constitutional Matters, Criminal Law, Civil Law, and the Special Power Act. With her comprehensive understanding of these fields, she delivers unparalleled guidance and representation.

Beyond her legal acumen, Jahanara Begum Rosy is a prominent member of the advisory board of the Bangladesh Awami League (Dhaka City South). This affiliation highlights her commitment to both legal and political spheres, as she skillfully represents party matters and members in the Dhaka High Court and Supreme Court.

Moreover, she is an esteemed member of the Supreme Court Bar Association, further attesting to her elevated standing in the legal community. With an expansive range of legal competencies and her active role in political advocacy, Jahanara Begum Rosy exemplifies an exceptional balance between legal practice and public engagement. Her insights and influence have significantly shaped legal discourse and political affairs in Bangladesh. Jahanara Begum Rosy's profile reflects an illustrious career marked by expertise, dedication and a profound commitment to both the legal and political realms.

Her legal expertise and specialisations:

  1. Administrative Law: Providing expert counsel on government actions and regulatory matters.

  2. Family Law: Guiding clients through intricate family-related legal matters with sensitivity.

  3. Commercial Law: Advising on business transactions, contracts, and corporate disputes.

  4. Human Rights Law: Advocating for fundamental rights and freedoms at local and national levels.

Member: Dhaka Bar Association

Membership No:

Member Since:

Practising Court: Dhaka High Court

Chamber Address: Supreme Court Bar Association Building, Room No. 1 (Hall room), Ramna, Dhaka - 1000


Jahanara Begum Rosy
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