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Mohammad Noore Alam


Mohammad Noore Alam Babu is a highly acclaimed criminal lawyer known for his exceptional legal expertise in Dhaka Judge Court. With a strong track record of successfully defending clients in complex criminal cases, his strategic approach, sharp analytical skills, and unwavering dedication have earned him a stellar reputation at Dhaka Judge Court.

His expertise and specialisation:

  1. Criminal Law

  2. Civil Law

  3. Family Law

  4. Special Power Act

  5. Digital Security Act

  6. Drug Act

  7. Nari-O-Shishu Nirjatan Daman Law (Suppression of Violence against Women and Children Law)

Member: Dhaka Bar Association

Membership No: 9382

Member Since: 27.01.2008

Practising Court: Dhaka Judge Court

Chamber Address: Dhaka Lawyers Association Building, Room No. 12, Level - 4, 6 - 7 Court House Street, Kotwalli, Dhaka - 1100


Mohammad Noore Alam
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