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Mohammed Ramjan Ali

VAT & Customs Consultant

Mohammed Ramjan Ali is a highly capable VAT consultant and Customs agent. With extensive knowledge in business taxation and 15 years plus experience in Foreign Trade(Customs, Import and Export) matters. He ensures business vat and taxation-related compliance and Customs related services.

His expertise and specialisation:

  1. Company Vat & tax management services

  2. Foreign Trade Regulations

  3. Import and Export related services

  4. Customs, Customs-bond, and Customs duty-related services

  5. Foreign procurement-sourcing of materials, machinery etc

  6. Regulatory affairs and liaison including BIDA, DGDA, CCIE, DOE, DLS, DOF, FIRE, RJSC etc.

  7. Banking consultancy for import and export-oriented activities

  8. Supply chain, operations, and strategic planning services


  1. Income Tax Practitioner, Member - DTBA 

  2. VAT Consultant, Member - CEVTA, NBR

  3. Clearing and Forwarding, Member - NBR 


Mohammed Ramjan Ali
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